About us

A few years ago, KUTAE Doll House began with an idea to play with different kinds of toys and children’s furniture and mission to inspire imaginative play so that kids can live, learn, play and explore in a fun way. We are now well recognized as one of the trusted dollhouse suppliers as our toys are tested for all safety standards.

Our Dollhouses are created for boys and girls who are aged between 3-10 years. The dollhouses are equipped with handcrafted miniature furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining room. It is a perfect gift for every kid, be it his or her birthday or any achievement that you want to compliment the for. The artistry ensures that each room of the dollhouse is designed so that the furniture and accessories can be moved easily by the children. The dollhouses are made of high-quality wood and can hold up against frequent use. These dollhouses are not only made for the kids but also for those adults who have always admired the beauty of dollhouses. With a wide range of playsets and playhouses, we find out different ways to help the kids explore their world.

KUTAE Doll House Mission

Our mission is to continue to make beautiful dollhouses as well as miniature, and let others collect affordable dollhouses. We are committed to providing an online platform that welcomes new people into the world of miniatures so that they can enjoy the beauty of small things. We are dedicated to creating products for kids to let their imagination grow.

Award-winning designs in miniatures

KUTAE Doll House is recognized as an innovator in style and design when it comes to creating beautiful dollhouses. We believe in creating quality products for the kids that would add to their fun activities. For any query or information, just give us a call or write to us.